Our miniatures are made with love and meant to be loved. A little care will help them go a long way.

Cashmere is a self-cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. So save resources and simply air your miniature for a fresh start. At the same time, since our products are made from natural, organic materials, they love water and get softer and more beautiful with use and washes.

Cashmere isn't meant to be dry-cleaned, it's meant to be washed. Make sure to wash it carefully by hand at a low or cold temperature. A gentle wool wash cycle with the right detergent may also be ok, but we don’t recommend the use of fabric softener. Since we can’t guarantee results on individual washing machines, machine washing is at one’s own risk.
Be patient, be gentle. Whatever you do, do not tumble dry! Leave it to dry laid flat and keep it away from heat sources.
If your miniature has been properly washed and dried, it can be worn without ironing. Should it be necessary however, steam from a slight distance or cover it with a piece of cloth and press it gently with a warm iron.
No worries! Cashmere has fairly short fibres, which tend to pill with use over time. The "pilling" does not mean inferior quality. It is a consequence of the careful processing of this natural fine fibre. You can easily un-pill these products by hand or using a cashmere comb. Hand-washing should encourage these initial surface pills to drop off.
All our miniatures are gently washed and dried before being shipped to you.