Hello! We are excited to introduce you to Littlepessi, contemporary yet timeless cashmere miniatures for the little ones. Inspired, designed and created in Italy.

Our miniatures are made from 100% pure cashmere, one of the finest natural fibres in the world, soft and warm, to give our little ones comfort and love. Designed for toddlers and babies aged zero to five, the collection consists of high-quality, minimalist accessories and garments in a range of essential but modern colours.

The design is simple and sustainable: while bringing exciting new colours and additions each season, the styles are timeless and designed to be enjoyed for more than one season.

Italy is where we grew up with a love of nature and an appreciation of simplicity as the true essence of beauty. Inspired by the Italian Alps, all our miniatures are created and produced by our artisans in Milan. They look over every detail, crafting and hand finishing each piece, using only natural materials according to high ethical and environmental standards.

Every miniature is one of a kind. 

Made with love, meant to be loved.